Catfish coin

Original, creative and fun meme token,
based on Binance Smart Chain.

Key features


Catfish coin is as simple as we could make it, all of its value is coming from its meme concept as it should always be! Our token does not have any unnecessary functions like burning and minting in order to prevent from fake manipulations of the price and creation of new tokens that would cause inflation, we want the market to set the price of our token.

Fair team

Catfish coin is fully made by our team, we have started everything from the scratch. We already know what we are capable of in terms of developing our Catfish coin and we will never overrun our skills. Reliability is our key to success, we do not offer hidden information, nor fake promises.

The idea

You may be wondering why Catfish? We decided that we want to create something fresh, entertaining and original, therefore another dog or cat coin was out of the question. With many days spent on looking for ideas and thinking we have finally made up our minds... Just look at its face!

Cost efficient

We respect people's opinion about high transaction fees or slow transaction time, in our response we are using Binance Smart Chain to speed up transactions, lower the fees and optimise maintance costs of our project.

Binance Smart Chain - similar to Ethereum blockchain, but with PoSA (the proof of staked authority consensus mechanism) it is possible to highly reduce fees on every transaction as well as speeding up the transaction and having way better scalibility than Ethereum blockchain.


Our team will not own any of the initial tokens, because all of the tokens will be in circulation from the very beginning. We are funding start-up liquidity pool from our pockets. Furthermore we are also going to buy back 15% (but no more than that!) of tokens in order to pay for maintance costs and to be able to organize competitions, marketing, airdrops and community events in the future!

Total supply

100 mln CATF

Open market

85 mln CATF

Buy back

15 mln CATF

Initial market cap


How to buy?

We have the best team


Chief Operating Officer

Over 1 year experience in crypto market and blockchain technology, graduated Master of Engineering.

Lazy Toast

Website administrator

Over 3 years experience in website design.


Head artist

Graduated Master of Art design.


Chief of Marketing and Strategy

Graduated Specialist in Company Management.

Mr. Translator


Just don't look into his eyes

El Pavlo

Main advisor

Over 2 years experience in app developing and website design.

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